What’s the big deal with craft e-liquids?

You have e-liquid… and then you have what lots of folks refer to as “craft e-liquid.” I won’t pretend to be a full-blown pro, but from my expertise there’s a noticeable difference between inexpensive, bargain-priced e-liquid and the more exclusive, high end TOP-SHELF stuff. There are certainly exceptions to the rule, but generally, firms that use only the finest ingredients (and take lots of time to perfect each new flavor) often have the best e-juice. Spending months in the growth stage, “craft e-juice” has a tendency to be more complex and flavorful than your typical e- liquid, artfully combining a wide array of ingredients to generate a pleasing and rich encounter.

#1 – Five Pawns E-Liquid

Five Pawns e- juice is made by hand with handwritten batch numbers included on every bottle, in exceptionally small batches in California. It’s carried at a number of high end, boutique vape stores and has earned a powerful reputation among the vaping community. We’re talking about incredibly complicated and abundant varieties, consisting of 50/50 PG/VG and only highest-quality ingredients. Grandmaster and Gambit are personal favorites, but they offer ten exceptional flavors between the “Touch” and “Mixology” lines.

We refuse to allow any liquid before it’s entirely perfect to leave our facility … and they’re perfectionists. There are many other ingredients that help improve what you really taste although we disclose the clear flavors for tasting note reasons.

#2 – Suicide Bunny E-Juice

Suicide Bunny is another exceptionally popular craft e-juice maker, with a limited variety of merely five superior flavors. Mother’s Milk is the most popular, creamy and a sweet strawberry custard blend that’s gained enormous fanfare among vaping enthusiasts, including myself. It’s so good! Like all superior e-juice makers, the finest ingredients are used by Suicide Bunny, and while their flavor collection is restricted, each one is totally formulated to be well balanced and tasty.

“The other guys go blue in the face. We only do it, and we’re until it’s perfect relentless. If it’s not constructed out of the very best ingredients to make the very best e-liquid in The US, it’s not a Suicide Bunny merchandise. Straightforward as that…” says Suicide Bunny.

#3 – Space Jam Robo Fuel

Handcrafted Space Jam, with attention asserts that it’s seven e-liquid flavors will “ blow you out of this world.” Possibly that’s a slight exaggeration, but they certainly have some of the most delectable fruit-flavored varieties available on the market. While Astro is a perfect mix of apples and strawberry, my personal pick, Andromeda is a creamy combination of blueberries and pomegranate, a big winner. Despite the apparently straightforward combinations, the flavor profiles are sophisticated and dainty; sweet enough to make sure that you stay interested, but light enough to make perfect all-day-vapes.

#4 – The Standard E-Juice

The Standard creates several rich, multi-layered flavors that you’ll locate at the most exclusive, high end stores that were vape. Their merchandises are not just delicious, but the vibrant glass bottles are surely not “regular.” Frankenvape (kiwi marshmallow) is likely the most popular, and also my favorite; while Interested Jorge (creamy banana) comes in a close second. Nothing low quality or subpar here, whether it comes to the ingredients or the packaging. From Henley:

The Standard is an outstanding brand that produces and markets a couple of rich, well rounded and exceptionally popular e-liquid flavors. Aside from the flavor profiles that are multilayer, we absolutely love the packaging! Bottled in glass cubes with trendy, creative labels.

#5 – Halo E-Liquid

Halo is an established name that’s known for producing high quality, premium e-liquid. With almost 20 distinct flavor choices, they have a good selection to select from but they’re lacking the exceedingly sweet and fruity flavors that a lot of folks prefer. They’re best known for their complex, rich and flavorful tobacco combinations although they offer several epicure, dessert flavors. Tribeca has been one of my long time goto flavors, and they’ve many different creative varieties layered with subtle hints of sweet and hot. Should you adore tobacco flavors – you’ll love Halo!

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